Inside the Industry

Newlight Technologies announced that it has partnered with Nike to explore the use of AirCarbon, a carbon-negative biomaterial produced by microorganisms from the ocean. AirCarbon uses these naturally occurring microorganisms from the ocean that eat air and greenhouse gases, thereby creating a conversion inside of their cells. AirCarbon is currently used in fashion applications as a carbon-negative substitute to plastic and leather in the production of products including eyewear, wallets and bags. “AirCarbon offers an opportunity to further reduce our impact on the planet,” said Nike, Inc., Chief Sustainability Officer Noel Kinder. “Materials account for 70 percent of Nike’s total carbon footprint, and we’re accelerating our efforts and exploring new opportunities in this space because, in the race against climate change, we can’t wait for solutions, we have to work together to create them.”

SAXX Underwear Co. Ltd., the innovative Canadian men’s underwear brand, announced it received a strategic investment from TZP Group, a multi-strategy private-equity firm, through TZP Capital Partners III, L.P., NLS Group Holdings Inc. It was led by Krystal Growth Partners, which invested in SAXX in April 2010, and it will retain a significant minority interest in SAXX. The brand revolutionized men’s premium underwear with its patented BallPark Pouch technology—a hammock-shaped pouch built into each pair. “Creating the iconic BallPark Pouch was the beginning of a new era in men’s underwear and epitomizes our company’s obsession with comfort and innovation,” said SAXX Chief Executive Officer Wendy Bennison.

DUER, thelifestyle brand that develops high-performing and versatile apparel using natural materials, announced the openingof a new 2,100-square-foot flagship store in Vancouver’s Kitsilano district. The performance-jeanswear brand’s new spot is located at 1755 W. 4th Ave. and will be transformed into a sensory experience complete with DUER’s signature Performance Playground and 3D installations built from eucalyptus, recycled plastic bottles and wood chips. “I believe experiential retail is about to have its moment—far beyond anything we’ve seen before,” said DUER co-founder Gary Lenett. “There’s a big market opportunity for brands like ours that can turn retail spaces into testing grounds offering a memorable experience for consumers.” DUER plans to open additional stores across the U.S. with the most immediate being in the La Brea district in Los Angeles.

Recess,the Los Angeles vintage-apparel resource and premium consignment boutique has expanded its offerings with designer home furnishings and décor. The vintage designer consignment shop formerly offered only curated clothing and accessories. The full expansion opened to the public on Aug. 13 with the space now offering 3,000 square feet. Recess opened in 2013 and has since become a source for stylists and designers. With the new addition of its home furnishings and décor, Recess hopes to also serve the interior, and set-designer population. The boutique’s mission is based on owner Marie Monsod’s eclectic statement style and concierge-level of service. Recess is now accepting tabletop, lighting, fixtures, furniture and art.