Fernando Alberto | Photo courtesy of Art Hearts Fashion

Fernando Alberto | Photo courtesy of Art Hearts Fashion


California Designers Rock the House at New York Fashion Week

What was the unifying thread among California designers at New York Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion, held Feb. 10–13 at the Ziegfeld Ballroom in Manhattan? Bold, occasionally shocking, innovative.

On day 1, Argyle Grant treated the audience to eye-candy models barely clad in sunglasses and swimwear.

On day 2, Fernando Alberto showcased below-the-knee floral and animal prints and an array of darkly glittering tops and svelte, envy-inducing pants. And then Kentaro Kameyama brought his usual disruption to the runway. Unafraid to reference the Before Times Oscar fashion sense of Björk, Kameyama daringly experimented with fowl headwear. There was a black swan paired with a black-and-white full-length dress, a white swan wedding train, and of course the classic Little Black Swan hat/dress combo.

On day 3, what was Kenneth Barlis to do? Why, label accessories with hot-button issues of the moment, of course, and then pair them with smoky leather and gem-encrusted body-hugging tops. Asta Razma also played head games—in this case, a series of sheer and beaded face coverings paired with kaleidoscopic outerwear. Mister Triple X showcased a night-on-the-town look of black, dark-gold stripes and sheer tops over his bold-faced signature waistlines.

If you didn’t gasp at least once during the presentations of these California designers, you weren’t paying attention.