Cody Chris | Photo by Arun Nevader / Getty Images

Cody Chris | Photo by Arun Nevader / Getty Images Arun Nevader


Art Hearts Fashion Hosts 10 Days of Events Showcasing Over 30 Designers

Art comes from the heart, and inspiring and innovative design comes from Art Hearts Fashion. Founded in 2010, AHF has become a driving force for fashion, art and entertainment, and its role in Miami Swim Week was no exception as the organization swept into town with 10 days of events showcasing over 30 designers at a dozen unique venues throughout historic Miami Beach.

The festivities kicked off May 27 with Miami Model Week and programming that included model castings, pool parties, networking opportunities and after-parties. On May 29, Art Hearts hosted the Official Miami Swim Week Kickoff Party at The Gabriel Hotel South Beach, where media, models, influencers and others in the industry were invited to join in celebration of the week ahead.

The week’s highlights included a 96-year-old model who turned heads at the Love For Upcycling show. The Black Tape Project showcased live music and design performances by designer Joel Alvarez, and viewers were abuzz when J.Lo impersonator Connie Pena walked the runway for designer For The Stars.

Trends were on full display throughout the roster of events, including one-piece bathing suits. “Whether designed for chic sophistication, sun protection or effortlessly transitioning from day to night, each designer brought their unique vision to these timeless pieces,” organizers said.

Art Hearts Fashion also turned up the heat with an array of men’s swimwear runway shows. Male models strutted their stuff in a bold spectrum of styles, including trunks, Euro, Brazilian-cut speedos, singlets and thongs. Male-exclusive swimwear designers including Ca Rio Ca, Aussie Bum, Capelle and Hunk made powerful statements, proving that men’s swim fashion can be as exciting and diverse as women’s.

AHF also teamed up with an array of talented Miami-based designers, including Lila Nikole, BFYNE, Diva Boutique, Luxe Isle, Pink Melon Swim, Berry Beachy, Sense of G, Capelle Miami and Paula Callejas, to bring the vibrant spirit of the city to the runway. Miami Swim Week has never felt more like home, as these local designers infused their creations with the unique energy and style of Miami.