Nine Ukrainian fashion brands join LA Market Week March 11–14.

Nine Ukrainian fashion brands join LA Market Week March 11–14.


Ukraine Fashion Forward Set to Exhibit at The New Mart

Despite the hardships of war, Ukraine’s creative spirit shines on and will blend with the California sunshine as Ukraine Fashion Forward brings nine select Ukrainian fashion brands to exhibit at LA Market Week, March 11–14. The New Mart and Fashion Techworks will provide a showroom to display the collections to retail buyers and other fashion leaders. Over 90 companies applied for UFF, and each of the chosen brands has a unique story of courage and passion as they continue to design and manufacture against the backdrop of conflict.

UFF was set up not only to provide exposure for the brands but also to help the companies create lasting business ties that will allow the country to rebuild and thrive once peace returns. “I dream of a day when Ukraine is known as a country with a strong creative economy,” said Anna Petrova, president of Startup Ukraine and the initiator of the UFF project. “Fashion brands are a great way to share Ukrainian culture and values with the world, and I’m proud that Startup Ukraine was able to help these brands develop their strategies for entering the U.S. market.

“We built a three-month support program for Ukrainian brands entering the market with our amazing partners to create worthy opportunities for building partnerships and collaboration,” Petrova continued. “International trade and economic diplomacy are essential for the growth of Ukraine’s economy, and it’s more important than ever now that the war has started.”

UFF was launched with a challenge grant from the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv along with the help and support from Startup Ukraine, the largest entrepreneurial organization in Ukraine; Art Hearts Fashion; Fashion Techworks; the Community Vitalization Council; The New Mart; United Nude Footwear; and the AMPR Showroom.

Following market week, brands will participate in workshops put on by Fashion Techworks and receive mentoring from leading fashion executives on market analysis, sales, marketing, public relations and distribution. The brands will end the month showcasing their designs at Los Angeles Fashion Week—powered by Arts Hearts Fashion, with a dedicated Ukrainian fashion show on March 22.