Images courtesy Buttercloth

Images courtesy Buttercloth


Buttercloth Aims To Keep Cool With Icy Cotton

There's a lot of ways to stay cool during a heatwave. Think air conditioning or jumping in a pool. For Los Angeles designer Danh Tran, one should seek heat relief in putting on a shirt. The founder of fashion brand Buttercloth recently released the Icy Cotton shirts. The shirt's cooling agent is menthol. The menthol ingredient in mint leaves is generally considered to give a cooling sensation to the touch. “We infused 27-percent of mint leaves into cotton, “ Tran said. “It has a cooling effect.”

Tran patented the Icy Cotton fabric. It has been used to make eight styles of Buttercloth shirts, which were recently released, and are available on the site.

Buttercloth made headlines in 2018 when Tranh, and former Los Angeles Lakers Star Metta World Peace, appeared on ABC network show Shark Tank to pitch Buttercloth to the show’s host Robert Herjavec. Tran and Metta World Peace got $250,000 in seed money to build the Buttercloth brand which offers tops that look like a collared woven shirt, but feel like a soft T-shirt, according to a brand statement.