Beverly Hills Fashion Week Planned

The organizers of Downtown L.A. Fashion Week have set their sights on a neighboring city.

Leanna Lewis and Barbara Graff plan to launch Beverly Hills Fashion Week in October, according to Graff, who said the two may host a preview event in March.

The two are hoping to include international designers who have never shown their work in the United States in the lineup, as well as “new-generation” designers. A charitable component is planned as well.

Lewis and Graff's previous event, Downtown L.A. Fashion Week, debuted last year at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in downtown Los Angeles during Los Angeles Fashion Week. With the launch of Beverly Hills Fashion Week, the two shift their focus to a new location and an upscale market. quot;We're changing the concept--it's more of a luxury environment--and the concept belongs in Beverly Hills,quot; Graff said. quot;That's why we're moving it from downtown.quot;—Alison A. Nieder