Gerber/Yunique Launches YuSnap Mobile App

Yunique Solutions, the creator of YuniquePLM product lifecycle management software, launched YuSnap, an iOS mobile app that will let users snap photos and synchronize them with YuniquePLM.

Specifically for designers, YuSnap lets users capture photos and share inspiration within the development team, including merchants and retailers.

“YuSnap, our first installment of our new Yunique Mobile Suite, puts the power of inspiration to work immediately in the design process in a fun and innovative way,” said Darioush Nikpour, vice president of product management for Yunique Solutions, a division of Gerber Technology.

The YuSnap app provides secure access to all digital assets in YuniquePLM’s image folder via Internet connection. Additionally, it also features an integrated camera, filter searches and metadata to help organize photo albums. YuSnap is compatible with YuniquePLM v5.0 or later.

“YuSnap represents the first of a litany of upcoming mobile offerings—fruits of a long-brewing mobile strategy,” said Donny Askin, Yunique’s senior vice president and general manager. “Further, offering these apps via Apple’s app store fosters a new standard for ease of deployment.”

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