Tokidoki's newest character, Palette. Image courtesy Tokidoki.

Tokidoki's newest character, Palette. Image courtesy Tokidoki.

Tokidoki Gets Cute

Cute and spooky was Tokidoki’s style when the Los Angeles-headquartered pop-culture brand took its bow about a decade ago. Adios, the pint sized grim reaper, is still part of the Tokidoki experience, but the brand seems to be going for cute.

On July 31, it announced a new character called Palette. It has leopard spots that change color based on the character’s mood, according to a company statement. Call it cuteness with many moods. Palette's spots are multi-colored.

The Palette character is part of a 19-piece accessory collection called Tokidoki for LeSportsac, which also was announced on July 31.

If there’s a big focus on cute, I don’t think the brand can say farewell to Tokidoki’s clash of cute and spooky. Check out all of the Tokidoki tattoos on the brand’s Facebook page. Fans sent pics of their Tokidoki tattoos during the San Diego Comic-Con. It must be a cult. Here’s a pic of Tokidoki tats that I photographed last year.


One man's Tokidoki tattoo devotion. Picture taken at H. Lorenzo boutique in West Hollywood in 2013.