Garment Worker Center Organizes Nationwide Ross Protests

The Garment Worker Center, a downtown Los Angeles organization that represents garment workers, is planning a protest Oct. 31 outside of Ross Stores Inc.’s Ross Buying Office at the California Market Center.

The protest will be one of 14 protests and pickets in front of Ross Stores properties around the nation on the 31st. Since the protests will take place on Halloween, protesters were encouraged to appear in costumes and masks. On Oct. 25, the group and its partners were scheduled to organize a protest in front of the penthouse of Barbara Rentler, Ross Stores’ chief executive officer.

The protests are part of the GWC’s “Pay Up, Ross” campaign, which has run since 2016. The labor organization alleges that Ross Stores has a long record of underpaying workers and allowing sweatshop conditions in workplaces. Ross denies the claims. “Ross does not own or operate manufacturing operations in Los Angeles or elsewhere. The claims made by the Garment Worker Center are between the manufacturers’ subcontractors and their workers, not Ross employees,” a Ross statement said. “Ross Stores fully supports workers’ right to fair wages and safe working conditions.”