Photo: Artistic Milliners

Purecolor Photo: Artistic Milliners


Artistic Milliners Takes Denim Production From the Earth to an Ecologically Sound Dye

An innovator in the sustainable category of denim making, Artistic Milliners unveiled its most-recent advancement in ecologically sound practices. The Karachi, Pakistan–headquartered denim manufacturer announced it had attained a dyeing method that bypasses synthetic chemicals in favor of a completely natural approach. Named Purecolor, Artistic Milliners says that the completely natural dye is formulated using soil from the earth, yielding seven different colors—Antelope Red, Estremoz Pink, Santa Monica Yellow, Merzouga Orange, Valganna Green, Gran Sasso Grey and Fuji Brown.

“I would like to congratulate the R&D teams at AMG [Artistic Milliners Garment Division] for working tirelessly on this breakthrough solution,” Murtaza Ahmed, managing director of Artistic Milliners, said. “It has been a two-year journey to bring this sustainable technology to the market, and it would not be possible without the support and hard work of our teams, vendor partners and most importantly our customers.”

Fully certified by GOTS and ZDHC MRSL Level, Artistic Milliners’ seven hues, which comprise the Purecolor collection, contain no traces of heavy metals. Yielding high reproducibility, the dye affords light-fast colors for Artistic Milliners’ denim. Complementary to the company’s mission to produce a more-responsible denim, Purecolor falls under the category of Artistic Milliners’ Less water + Less energy technology, which uses 50 percent less water and 37 percent less energy than the industry standard of traditional dyeing methods. The new product also aligns with the manufacturer’s organic and vegan Puresoft softeners.

“Artistic Milliners remains committed to pioneering sustainable garment-finishing solutions for our strategic partners,” Ahmed said. “Not only is this garment dyeing solution 100 percent natural, it also reduces the use of water and energy, which is a prime focus here at Artistic Milliners.”