Artistic Milliners Introduces Sustainable Indigo Dye Process

A dirty secret of the denim business is the amount of water, chemicals and energy it takes to get that classic indigo blue. Pakistan denim mill Artistic Milliners hopes to change that with Crystal Clear, a newly introduced process that the company is calling “the cleanest indigo dyeing process.”

Artistic Milliners partnered with dye chemical maker DyStar and Dutch denim brand G-Star RAW to develop Crystal Clear, which uses 70 percent fewer chemicals and no salt in the dyeing process.

“We are really proud of our collaboration with DyStar and G-Star RAW in developing the most sustainable denim fabric ever made at Artistic Milliners. In this fabric, we have applied a new dyeing formula which is hydro and salt free; we call the process Crystal Clear,” said Omer Ahmed, Artistic Milliners managing director, in a company statement. “This is perhaps the most radical change to the indigo dyeing process since its industrialization. Even though this method is in its infancy, we are hopeful that in due time it will be adopted by the denim industry at large as there is an unprecedented environmental/water-saving potential in using this method.”

Founded in 1949, Artistic Milliners is a vertical textile mill that manufactures premium-denim fabrics and apparel. The company is based in Karachi and has offices in seven cities, including the Artistic Lab Research and Innovation Center in Dubai.

For more information, visit www.artisticmilliners.com.