Vishaka Lama in front of a display of dresses by the Hybrid label

Vishaka Lama in front of a display of dresses by the Hybrid label


Showroom Profile: ShowroomFive21

The New Mart, Suite 507

(213) 438-0521

 It’s bigger and brighter for ShowroomFive21.

The contemporary showroom started business in the California Market Center in 2008. ShowroomFive21 owner Vishaka Lama worked with lines such as TFNC London, Lumiér:Bariano and Bariano. She also did business with retailers such as Revolve Clothing and Lulu’s as well as stores at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas. Core price points for her showroom’s dresses and coats typically range from $30 to $60.

But when her CMC lease ran out in August, Lama, who grew up in the Asian country of Nepal, chose to move to a bigger space—1,200 square feet in The New Mart. She opened her new showroom in September. “It’s open. It’s bright,” Lama said of her new space. “There is a good flow of contemporary buyers. It’s the right place.”

Lama continues to represent TFNC London, Lumiér: Bariano and Bariano. For the Spring 2014 LA Fashion Market, her showroom is debuting Hybrid, a London-headquartered contemporary line made with fabrics such as viscose, which offers stretch. Lama said it could be worn from office to cocktail hour, and it uses unique colors such as fuchsia as well as lace and floral patterns.

ShowroomFive21 is producing a grand-opening party on Oct. 14 from noon to 7 p.m., and it is open to the trade.