Surprises and Contrasts

From the sale of trade show giant Advanstar to the high-profile federal raid on Los Angeles Fashion District businesses, 2014 was a year of surprises and contrasts. This was the year when control of manufacturing giant American Apparel seemed to change daily, as did the ongoing troubles at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The suggestion of a raise in the city’s minimum wage sent shock waves through the apparel community, and questions arose over the specifics behind “Made in USA” labeling.

Bright spots included a wave of luxury retail development on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, an expansion of iconic California retail brands beyond our borders and a new dedicated program to study fashion law in California.

For sheer buzz-worthiness there was the highly anticipated opening of the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, as well as the opening of the first Nasty Gal store, on Melrose, quickly followed by the announcement of a second store under construction in Santa Monica.

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