MySizeID’s body-measuring service uses information gleaned from sensors in a smartphone along with the company’s patented algorithm.

MySizeID’s body-measuring service uses information gleaned from sensors in a smartphone along with the company’s patented algorithm.


MySizeID Brings Virtual Measurement Tool to Footwear Category


According to founder and CEO Ronen Luzon, MySizeID delivered over 12 million size recommendations last year.

Since 2015, MySize Inc. has built a business on developing technology to enhance smartphone-measurement tools. One of its main products, MySizeID, is a smartphone-based body-measurement tool that was developed to help brands and retailers deliver ready-to-wear products that would best fit their customers. Much of MySizeID efforts have focused on providing measurements for garments, but on Dec. 22, the Israel-based company unveiled technology for footwear.

Ronen Luzon, MySize Inc.’s founder and chief executive officer, said the company’s sizing services could help brands and retailers reduce customer returns, which is a growing concern. According to a recent study by the National Retail Federation trade group, $428 billion in merchandise was returned in the United States in 2020.

Luzon said, “With the launch of our shoe-sizing solution, footwear retailers will finally be able to seamlessly and proactively address the problem and cut return costs while providing a more-confident shopping experience in the process.”

MySizeID’s main body-measuring service gathers information through a user’s smartphone. Customers record information by holding the smartphone over their bodies. Size information is gleaned from sensors found in any typical smartphone as well as the company’s patented algorithm.

Luzon said that his company’s service can offer increased security to consumers and companies selling apparel. MySizeID won’t stock pictures of easily identified people, many of whom might upload images of themselves in fitting rooms.

“Every tech company is vulnerable to breaches, even if they follow all compliance guidelines and have the right security certifications. Half-naked photos are by definition sensitive, and, taking our approach, the prospect of any kind of data breach becomes less of an issue,” Luzon said.

Consumers can download MySizeID’s footwear-measuring tool and its body-measuring tool from e-commerce-application marketplaces such as the Shopify App Store. Consumers easily store their measurement information on their own MySize profiles.

Retailers are also able to benefit from the technology by using the MySizeID tool as a widget, which can be synchronized into the operations of a retailer’s sizing charts, Luzon said. In October 2020, the company unveiled a made-to-measure feature for those consumers who are interested in custom-made clothing.

MySizeID has been adopted by companies across the globe, including Levi’s, the U.S. Polo Assn., Danish-brand Isay, French retailers La Pièce and Habillez-moi, as well as Turkish swim and lingerie company Penti and Turkish ready-to-wear line Nocturne. MySizeID delivered more than 12 million size recommendations in 2020. Also in 2020, MySize Inc. was awarded the third U.S. patent held by the company since it started business, in addition to its 12 international patents. MySize Inc. is listed on the NASDAQ and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and employs 30 people in Israel, Europe and the U.S. The company has raised $6 million in funding since starting business. In January, it raised more money, Luzon said.

“We’ve seen pretty incredible growth, especially with the accelerated shift to e-commerce. First, we’ve just received another vote of confidence from investors with an additional $2 million offering. We’re generating more-substantial revenues, closing partnerships with big niche brands and expanding the technology to the logistics space with BoxSize,” he said of MySize Inc.’s measurement application for shipping ventures.

BoxSize enables package-delivery companies to measure the size of a parcel with a smartphone to calculate the parcel’s shipping costs. The BoxSize tool measures dimensional weight details and integrates them with enterprise resource planning systems through barcode scans, image capture and geo-location, which makes arranging pickup times also possible.

In addition to its apparel and logistics applications, MySize offers a third smartphone measurement-tool product within the home-improvement space. SizeUp is a virtual measuring tape that helps homeowners, builders, contractors, decorators and designers measure dimensions of building materials and fabrics for home-improvement projects.