Akbaslar Tekstil/STC Textiles

Akbaslar Tekstil/STC Textiles


Inspired by the Elements, This Year’s Trends Get Down to Earth

The dazzling colors of the holidays are over, along with the celebrations and season of joy, and now the long winter properly commences. But thanks to the California sunshine, we fortunate ones privileged to live on the West Coast rarely succumb to the winter blues and feel that January deserves as much color as any other time of the year.

2024 is poised to be a turbulent year, but we’re all seasoned pros at that by now. We also know the hidden secrets or mysteries of fashion, how it can shape mood, affect others around us by lifting their mood, inspiring feelings of beauty, playfulness, seriousness and every kind of “cosplay,” or costume play, as they say in Japan. The following is a sneak peak at the hues you’ll soon see lifting spirits.


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