Signed By McFly

Bronx, New York–based designer Mugzy McFly has expanded his collection Signed By McFly. Launched as a T-shirt business in 2013 with no investors and just a $1,000 credit limit, it has grown to include hats, hoodies, body sets, moto and cargo pants—and now, finally, swimwear. The approach has been to create mostly genderless items, with inspiration drawn from the slogan “more dreams, less sleep.”

The swim collection includes boardshorts, bikinis and zip-front one-pieces that nod to the ’70s, priced at around $60. Style highlights include classic in the front and string in the back, the use of camouflage, and “ATM Jam,” a fabric pattern based on international currency.

Mugzy McFly, whose real name is Jevaughn Williams, began making his own fashions at the age of 13. With a mind for business as well as a creative side, he went on to receive an accounting degree from John University.

In an interview with Essence Magazine, McFly advised other would-be entrepreneurs to view starting a fashion brand like going to college, where one spends four years learning, knowing the financial success will come later. “Learn about everything you can regarding your business for as long as you can—competitors, markets, etc.—and I promise you won’t regret it.”

Visit signedbymcfly.com for more information.