OffPrice Entices With Cash and Carry Treasures

At The Venetian Expo Aug. 5–8, OffPrice Las Vegas continued to narrow the gap between fashion and price.

Tony Chin, CEO of The Buying Agency in L.A., uses his years of retail experience to help stores cover the market. “I do the OffPrice show for great items at exceptional price points,” said Chin. If you have the eye, you can find great things.”

A one-stop shop for what’s hot was Los Angeles brand Superline. Its tulle skirts were selling strong, priced from $6 to $7.50. Also from L.A., Love Poem received strong orders on its cargo pants in a rainbow of brights priced at $10–$11.50.

For Holiday, the “fungly” sweater trend continues. This kitschy cultural phenomenon at S.O.B. Clothing included sweaters, dresses and rompers. Puzzles from L.A. had cute and quirky crewnecks priced at $8.

Jodi Katrusik, owner of Twisted Essentials in Belize, said, “My top two items are consistently from this show—toe rings and leather wrap bracelets. I buy from Cash and Carry, and pack them in my suitcase.”

“Cash and Carry always does well due to the immediacy of the product, said OffPrice Executive Director Tricia Barglof. “It was the novel offerings that truly captivated the majority of attention.”