Industry Voices: Mediation—A Tale of Two Studies

The power of mediation to resolve disputes is well known in legal circles, but it is not as familiar to the fashion industry.

Mediation: A Tale of Two Studies

The power of mediation to resolve disputes is well known in legal circles, but it is not as familiar to the fashion industry. The cases often fall into one of two categories: disputes that are driven by emotion more than legal issues and disputes that are based in legal issues where emotion is less of a factor.

Apparel Counterfeiters Banned from L.A. Fashion District and Fined $26 Million

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer secured a permanent injunction barring two apparel and accessories merchants from the LA Fashion District, where they allegedly sold counterfeit items.

Loyola Symposium Explores Tech, Trends and the Law

Loyola Symposium Explores Tech, Trends and the Law

The Fashion Law Project at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles hosted an all-day symposium, titled "One Channel Does Not Fit All: The Fashion Law Implications of Omnichannel Marketing," on March 22.

Industry Voices: Made in California—More Than a Label

On Oct. 4, 2013, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a “Made in California” labeling program. Taking advantage of this new legislation is a great marketing tool for California companies.

Industry Voices: Strategies for Avoiding Copyright Infringement

The prolonged contraction/softness of the apparel industry has forced apparel companies to take drastic actions to try to remain profitable. One unfortunate byproduct is the rise of copyright-infringement lawsuits, many of which appear to have been filed in an effort by a few companies to find alternate income streams

Fashion Dispute Resolution Makes Legal Disputes a Win-Win Proposition

It’s a typical story in the apparel industry: A dispute arises between Party A and Party B. Both feel the other side is wrong, one side feels he or she has suffered monetary damages, the other is defensive and outraged at the accusation.

Industry Voices: Mediation or Arbitration: What’s The Difference?

When people disagree, they have choices on how to resolve their dispute. They can lawyer-up, file a lawsuit, and let a judge or jury decide who wins. They can also try to resolve the matter between themselves, they can engage in arbitration or they can go through mediation.

Fashion Law Boot Camp Headed to San Francisco

For the first time ever, the Fashion Law Institute in New York is partnering up with Levi Strauss & Co. in San Francisco to offer a six-day intensive fashion law course geared to fashion professionals, attorneys, and law and design students.

Industry Voices: 10 Immigration Tips for California Employers in the Fashion Industry

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is a labor-intensive business in California that is fueled by the availability of foreign workers in various sectors of the industry.

Loyola Law School Carves Out a Program for Fashion Law

Law schools in the West have specialties in entertainment law, sports law and biotech law, but it is rare to find a school that has a concentration of classes devoted to fashion law.

Industry Voices: Protecting Your Fashion Designs Before Employees Leave

Innovation is at the heart of the fashion industry.

After Fire Claim Denied, Brand Sues Insurance Company

A car fire outside the warehouse for Un Deux Trois Inc. destroyed the facility with smoke and fire damage, and the Commerce, Calif.–based girls and juniors brand had hoped it could recoup losses from the company’s fire insurance policy.

West Hollywood Retailer Sues City Over Fur Ban

Mayfair House, a multi-line apparel, accessories, home-décor and gift retailer in West Hollywood, Calif., has filed a lawsuit against the city of West Hollywood over its recently enacted ban on the sale of apparel made with fur.

Wildfox CEO Calls Sexual-Exploitation Lawsuit ‘Baseless’ Attempt to Garner ‘Large Financial Settlement’

Jimmy Sommers, chief executive officer of the prominent Los Angeles–headquartered Wildfox Couture LLC fashion label, refuted charges in a sexual-exploitation case that was filed against him in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. No court date has been scheduled for the case.