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Fred Segal to Open New West Hollywood Compound

Fred Segal

A new Fred Segal is coming to the Los Angeles area.

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The Hundreds: Break Out The Aprons

Nothing says domesticity like streetwear brand The Hundreds!

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Caruso’s Name Change

If the company name Caruso Affiliated sounded like a mouthful, the developer of The Grove and Americana at Brand retail centers introduced a new brand name. It's the one word moniker Caruso.

Woodbury University Names New Head of Fashion Design Department


After several months of the position being vacant, Woodbury University has named Anna Leiker to be its chair of the fashion design department.

2016 Retrospective: Real Estate: Post-Election Retail Activity Picks Up


Many retailers were sitting on the fence before the presidential elections to see which way the political gate was going to swing. But now that Donald Trump has been elected to take office in January, retailers are out shopping for shops.

2016 Retrospective: U.S. Clothing Production in China Is Slipping


Fewer clothes were imported from China this year than last year as manufacturers headed to lower-wage countries such as Vietnam, India and Bangladesh to do more of their production.

2016 Retrospective: 2016 Rough Ride for Buckle, Rally for Zumiez


On Dec. 13, The Buckle Inc. announced a deal with Affliction, the Seal Beach, Calif.–based brand, to be the exclusive retailer for the brand’s collection inspired by the “Fast and Furious” film franchise. The announcement might be a good way to end 2016. It’s been a rough ride for the Kearney, Neb.–headquartered retailer.

2016 Retrospective: Off-Pricers Ross, TJX Sales Surge


For the past seven years, sales for off-price retail have been surging. These retailers typically offer goods at 20 percent to 60 percent off the retail price, and 2016 was another banner year for two of the biggest retailers in the market: Ross Stores Inc. and The TJX Companies.

2016 Retrospective: Employment Numbers Doubled With Inclusion of ‘Indirect’ Jobs


Employment in apparel and textile manufacturing in California fluctuated slightly throughout the year but essentially held steady at around 105,000 employed at apparel factories and knitting mills statewide, according to the California Employment Development Department.

2016 Retrospective


The U.S. economy continued its glacial rebound in 2016 as key apparel industry indicators showed signs of improvement. But a deeper dive into the numbers makes it clear that some sectors fared better than others.

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UBM Hosts Connect Event for Christmas Cheer in L.A.

Christmas with UBM

The UBM Fashion Group—parent company of MAGIC, Project and FN Platform—recently hosted a holiday event for retailers and brands to kick off the holidays.

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Connecting the Dots Between the Creative Community and Made-in-LA Manufacturing at NJAL Event

Make It in LA

The future of the apparel industry lies in its connectivity. That’s the word from a panel of industry insiders who spoke at a recent event hosted by Not Just A Label, the international platform for emerging designers, which recently put down roots in Los Angeles.

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Haute Holiday: The New Hollywood at Fashion Speaks

Haute Holiday

For designer Adolfo Sanchez, it was time to show how streetwear could meet eveningwear.

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Canadian Retailer Aritzia Opens in Los Angeles


Canadian retailer Aritzia is giving Los Angeles a preview of its contemporary looks.

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Kozm: Yoga Is for Real Men

Yoga Is for Real Men

After years of attacking powerful waves and wiping out on concrete and in the snow, the founders of the Kozm brand turned their careers to yoga mats.

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Tobi’s Data-Driven Trends

LA-based online retailer Tobi recently looked at some of its own best-selling categories and items for its LA customers.

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Ron Herman's Jeffrey Rüdes Shop-In-Shop

You can take the designer out of Los Angeles, but you can’t take the L.A. out of the designer.

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Stalyon’s Xmas Mission

The mission of the Stalyon brand: give sick kids the gift of the wilderness.

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Pobega’s Goodbye Berlin

For her Goodbye Berlin collection, Valerj Pobega said 'no thanks' to runways and installations.

2016 Newsmakers: FBI Helps Businesses Start—and Grow


When Frances Harder left a university-level teaching position in the late 1990s, she believed that there was something missing from instruction in fashion education. There was a lack of educators addressing the latest in technology and business practices. In 1999, she founded Fashion Business Inc. as an educational nonprofit for new entrepreneurs. Its mission would be to bring the latest techniques to those looking for a foothold in the business.