Mad Engine Acquires Mighty Fine for Fourth Acquisition

By Deborah Belgum | February 15, 2018

Mighty Fine, a mostly juniors and children’s apparel maker based in downtown Los Angeles, has been acquired by Mad Engine. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Drastic Shifts Seen in Endorsement Deals Between Celebrities and Fashion Labels

Product endorsements from Hollywood stars, professional athletes, pop stars and supermodels have always played a pivotal role in driving sales and generating visibility for fashion brands. In fact, over the past 20 years, the agreements under which celebrities were engaged to endorse brands in the fashion industry have remained rather stagnant in both form and substance.

Outerknown Settles Into Sustainability

Outerknown Settles Into Sustainability

When John Moore started a new gig at Outerknown, he didn’t think he was going to have to rethink all of his assumptions about design.

Is ‘Smart Clothing’ Set to Supercharge the Fashion Industry?

Fashion can be forgiving … sometimes. Forget fiddly watches, wireless earbuds that don’t stay put and unattractive virtual-reality glasses. “Smart clothing” is set to supercharge the fashion industry.

Boardriders Names New CEO to Replace Pierre Agnes

After Boardriders’ 54-year-old chief executive disappeared off the coast of southeast France on Jan. 30, the Southern California surfwear company has named his replacement.

Uprisal: Introduction to Patagonia’s Activism

Uprisal: Introduction to Patagonia’s Activism

Patagonia has made headlines with its unique mission of being an activist company.

Levi Strauss Sees Profitable Year After Turn-Around Campaign

Levi Strauss & Co. is planning to open 100 new stores this year, mostly outside of the United States, as it concentrates on international sales and building markets in China, India and the Americas.

Paige: From Premium Denim to a Lifestyle Legacy

Paige: From Premium Denim to a Lifestyle Legacy

At the beginning of the 21st century, the premium-denim market was buzzing with hot new brands that saturated the industry, driven by a consumer demographic comprising 20-something women willing to exhaust an entire week’s pay on one pair of jeans.

Investing in Los Angeles’ Next-Gen Knitting Industry

As many design houses rely on outsourced production that has been sent overseas, domestic suppliers are investing in their own businesses, building strong reputations for quality products and incomparable service.

Epson Asks Designers to Create Fashion Prints With New Printing Technology

Epson is holding its fourth annual “Epson Digital Couture Project” on Feb. 6 in New York leading up to New York Fashion Week, which begins Feb. 8.

Oeko-Tex, a Certification Group, Updates Its Programs

Since the 1990s, the Oeko-Tex Association has set standards for consumer protection and sustainability in textiles.

Polartec Introduces Less Bulky, Insulation Fabric

Polartec was introduced on the fabric scene more than 30 years ago as an alternative to wool. It offers wool’s warmth but is not as heavy and is machine washable.

Grosso Moda Invests Deeper into Gerber Technology’s Software

The Netherlands’ Grosso Moda works with a network of apparel factories based around the globe.

Guess Inc.’s Paul Marciano Accused of Sexual Harassment

Weeks after fashion and celebrity photographers Mario Testino and Bruce Weber were accused of sexual harassment, another fashion figure, Paul Marciano, was accused of similar misconduct.

Nayali Seeks Activewear Alternative

It’s a boom time for women’s activewear, but while more designers are getting into the activewear game, a major group of women have been ignored, said Shilpa Rajpara, designer of the Nayali brand.