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Ziran Travels Across the Ocean for Sustainability

By Andrew Asch | May 10, 2018

Sustainable fashion has long been criticized as being unable to go beyond the category of basics. Kelly Wang Shanahan hopes that her sustainable brand Ziran can bust that theory.

Gap Wants Its Factories to Go Digital When Paying Workers

Gap Inc. is asking 800 of its factories in 30 countries to skip the cash when paying their workers and start depositing workers’ checks using a digital system by 2020.

Making Tall Women Comfortable in Their Own Skinny Jeans

Making Tall Women Comfortable in Their Own Skinny Jeans

When women who measure at least 5 feet 9 inches tall shop for denim, they are often left feeling as though styles such as flares or skinny jeans will end up resembling cropped gauchos or capris.

Law Firm Steps Down From Paul Marciano Investigation

Law firm steps down in investigation of sexual harassment allegations against Guess? Inc. cofounder Paul Marciano.


After a move from the California Market Center’s 10th floor to the fifth floor last year, accessories brand Ten79LA has settled in.

Handmade Classics at the Heart of Coeur Cofounder Lisa Elliot-Rosas’ New Line

Even though she is the owner of the eM Productions showroom and cofounder of the Coeur trade show, Lisa Elliot-Rosas has one more talent.

Impulse Moda Showroom

After four years of operating her Impulse Moda showroom on the eighth floor of the Gerry Building, Lori Marchand moved up a notch at the beginning of the year to the ninth floor, where there is a friendly vibe because all the showroom owners have known each other for years.

Marine Layer Suits Up With Activewear Line Weekend Sport

Marine Layer Suits Up With Activewear Line Weekend Sport

Anyone can see that the San Francisco label Marine Layer emphasizes comfort with a carefree California lifestyle in mind.

Skechers Makes First Wholesale Apparel Line

Skechers Makes First Wholesale Apparel Line

With more than $4 billion in net sales in 2017 and a fleet of 2,750 stores aross the world—645 of them are company owned—Skechers USA Inc. has been ranked as the second-best-selling sneaker brand in America

Trade Showroom

When Diana Oh gave birth to her daughter, Mila, in late 2016, she wanted to make some changes to the way she worked.

Lenchner & Kane Sales

Since 1987 Lisa Lenchner Sales had been a constant presence in the California Market Center showroom building.

Methven Brings Lingerie Manufacturing to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known as the place where high-end blue jeans are made. But design newcomer Kaila Methven is setting her sights on manufacturing high-end lingerie in the nation’s apparel-manufacturing hub.

Cherokee CEO Says the Old Ways of Brand Management Are Over

When Henry Stupp became the chief executive of Cherokee Global Brands in 2010, revenues at the brand-management company had been declining for five years.

Sanctuary Expands into More Sizes and Adds Denim

Sanctuary Expands into More Sizes and Adds Denim

For Sanctuary cofounders Ken and Debra Polanco, the cargo-pant brand’s 20th anniversary meant more than simply savoring the longevity that is rare in women’s apparel.

The Big Issue of Microfibers in AB 2379

Last month, state Assembly member Richard Bloom introduced Assembly Bill 2379 to the California State Legislature. The bill would require manufacturers of clothing that comprises more than 50 percent polyester to include a label recommending consumers bypass the washing machine and handwash these items instead.

New Owners of American Apparel Set Goal to Double Sales This Year

It has only been a little more than one year since Gildan Activewear acquired the intellectual-property rights of American Apparel, the decades-old Los Angeles apparel company that twice declared bankruptcy in a little more than one year.