The Many Ways 3-D Technology Is Changing

By Paula Levy, Contributing Writer | September 20, 2018

The IHL Group, a global research and analysis company, has reported a loss of $8.4 billion annually for fashion and retail due to returns for wrong sizing and fit. This makes 3-D technology for fashion and retail one of the fastest-growing technologies, with proven value for design and product development as well as consumer engagement.

Can Progressive PLM Fix a Fashion Problem?

The new generation of shoppers is constantly connected, which sets up new expectations and selling models such as “see now, buy now,” direct-to-consumer and IWWIWWIWI (I Want What I Want When I Want It). Customers are now fully in charge of what, when and where they engage and how they buy.

Is ‘Smart Clothing’ Set to Supercharge the Fashion Industry?

Fashion can be forgiving … sometimes. Forget fiddly watches, wireless earbuds that don’t stay put and unattractive virtual-reality glasses. “Smart clothing” is set to supercharge the fashion industry.

New High-Tech Yarn Is the Ticket to Smart Garments

New High-Tech Yarn Is the Ticket to Smart Garments

A North Carolina yarn manufacturer is hoping to “push the envelope” in the burgeoning smart textiles category.

Epson Asks Designers to Create Fashion Prints With New Printing Technology

Epson is holding its fourth annual “Epson Digital Couture Project” on Feb. 6 in New York leading up to New York Fashion Week, which begins Feb. 8.

Grosso Moda Invests Deeper into Gerber Technology’s Software

The Netherlands’ Grosso Moda works with a network of apparel factories based around the globe.

Artificial Intelligence Overarching Theme at NRF’s Big Show

Artificial Intelligence Overarching Theme at NRF’s Big Show

The National Retail Federation’s 2018 Retail’s Big Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center Jan. 14–16 was bigger than ever with 35,000-plus walking the aisles.

National Stores Discloses Data Breach

National Stores Inc., the parent company of more than 300 value stores, disclosed Jan. 22 that its computers had been the subject of a malware attack.

Fashion That Fits

Fashion has a fit problem, and it’s a $62 billion–plus apparel- and footwear-return problem annually and growing, according to the Franklin, Tenn.–based global research and advisory IHL Group.

Epson Introduces Next-Generation DTG F2100 Printer

Five years ago, when Epson America Inc. introduced its first purpose-built, direct-to-garment (DTG) printer, the Epson SureColor F2000, it intended to set a new standard in the industry by enabling screen-print shops of all sizes to print high-quality graphics on fabrics ranging from 100 percent cotton to 50/50 fabric blends at production speed in a simple, user-friendly format.

Shoppers Favor Stores That Have Technology

Shoppers may be letting their fingers do the walking by snapping up fashions online, but a recent survey shows that consumers are willing to hit the stores if time-saving technology is involved.

Taking a Cue from James Bond to Design Performance Wear for Professionals

Taking a Cue from James Bond to Design Performance Wear for Professionals

Will 3-D knitting become the wave of the future in apparel manufacturing? A 5-year-old firm in Boston believes so. Since March, the company has been using a Shima Seiki machine positioned at its Boston flagship store to produce custom-knitted blazers.

Fashion Students Getting Better Tools to Increase Their Tech Skills

New cloud-based technology is popping up everywhere, and the world of fashion and design is no different.

Apparel Brands and Blockchain: Three Things You Need to Know Right Now

Just when you thought you were finally starting to have a basic understanding of social media, RFID, Magic Mirrors, Big Data and a plethora of other retail technologies required for today’s connected consumers, along comes a new term—Blockchain.

Net Neutrality Repeal Expected To Drive Up E-Tail Costs

The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to overturn the current “net neutrality” regulations. Opponents of the Dec. 14 vote said it could spell disaster for small businesses that might be charged higher prices to access the Internet.

Agenda Introduces Digital Marketplace

Agenda Introduces Digital Marketplace

The Agenda trade show is going digital.