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Back to the Beach or Lying Poolside 2021 Makes an Impression

By Peclers Paris | July 23, 2020

Whether found in acid pop, athletic and sexy, sporty ’80s or craft summer, beachwear in 2021 makes a statement.


Confetti Fabrics

Beyond Black and White

Creating chic garments relies on black and white or tiny pops of color that allow geometric patterns, animal prints, unique prints or updated stripes to tell the story.

Bennet Silks

Botanic Blends

The garden of floral textiles regenerates in autumn with an array of flowery fabrics that includes dainty daisies in mustard and crimson or fall foliage in cool blues.

Bella Tela Ltd.

Daring Delicates

Often a signature of old-world charm, lace retains its classic appeal yet transforms in bright colors and updated patterns that renew the look of this traditional textile.

FCN Textiles

Gilded and Glittering

Whether taking center stage on a golden garment or simply enhancing a textured fabric with flecks of glittery accents, shining brightly in gold or glitter adds joy to any occasion.

Global Denim

Deep Into Denim

Ubiquitous, yet a crucial component of the elements of style, denim returns to blue-jean basics in mid-wash or darker, with grays and black gaining momentum.

Cinergy Textiles, Inc.

Falling for Patterns

Seasonal patterns include paisley, geometric shapes, refined twills, plaids and—still—tie-dye in autumnal hues of sienna, cranberry, milk chocolate and royal blue.


Textile Trends: Sourcing & Fabric

Sourcing & Fabric

Talon Develops New Style of Zippers

Talon Develops New Style of Zippers

The Talon zipper has been around for more than 100 years, used in military uniforms, leather jackets, denim pants, dresses, shirts and skirts.

Textile Trends

Textile Trends

Textile Trends

Swimwear Textiles

Swim Textiles

Orta’s Sustainability Formula Blends Biology, Design and Technology

Istanbul textile manufacturer Orta Anadolu is on a mission toward greater sustainable denim manufacturing, inviting industry leaders to hear about how the company is contributing to a more ecologically sound denim supply chain.

Calik Denim Increases Accessibility Through New Mobile Application

Easing the customer experience through fresh technology, Instanbul’s Calik Denim introduced a new mobile application that allows users to remain current with the latest industry trends and match them with the company’s products.

Hyosung Introduces Creora ActiFit Spandex With a Focus on Fashion and Function

Addressing the demand for textiles that meet the needs of endurance-sports enthusiasts, Seoul, South Korea–headquartered Hyosung recently introduced its latest offering in high-performance fabric.

Obituary: John Marshall, Owner of JM International Group

John Marshall, a longtime Los Angeles resident and president and owner of JM International Group, passed away on June 15 from natural causes. He was 52.

Textile Trends

Textile Trends

Planet Rehab Shows How Working Together Benefits the Planet

If it takes a village to raise a child, the same could be said about creating a sustainable capsule collection.

Polartec to Increase Recycled and Biodegradable Materials Across Entire Product Line

Polartec to Increase Recycled and Biodegradable Materials Across Entire Product Line

Building upon its Eco-Engineering process, which produces high-performance sustainable fabrics, Polartec has launched a new campaign to utilize recycled and biodegradable materials throughout its entire product line.

New CEO Named for the National Council of Textile Organizations

New CEO Named for the National Council of Textile Organizations

Kimberly Glas, a former deputy assistant secretary for textiles, consumer goods and materials at the U.S. Department of Commerce, was named the new president and chief executive officer of the National Council of Textile Organizations.

Sourcing & Fabric

Sourcing & Fabric

Sourcing & Fabric

Chinese Tariffs on Cotton Have Major Effect on Growers

A tariff war between the United States and China is playing a big part in the health and well-being of the U.S. cotton market.

Textile Trends

Textile Trends

Textile Trends