Trade Protectionism and E-Commerce Are Top Concerns for Chief U.S. Fashion Industry Executives

By Deborah Belgum | July 20, 2017

With a new president in the White House, U.S. fashion manufacturers and retailers said their biggest concerns this year are about new trade barriers going up that would restrict apparel imports.

Port of Long Beach Approves Swiss-based Shipping Line Taking Over Hanjin Shipping’s Terminal Lease

For years, Hanjin Shipping Co. was a major customer at the Port of Long Beach, accounting for 12 percent of the cargo containers that came through the Southern California terminus last year.

2016 Retrospective: U.S. Clothing Production in China Is Slipping

Fewer clothes were imported from China this year than last year as manufacturers headed to lower-wage countries such as Vietnam, India and Bangladesh to do more of their production.

2016 Newsmakers: It’s Taps for the TPP Free-Trade Agreement

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free-trade accord between the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim countries, was poised to be approved this year by the U.S. Congress. But election-year politics put an official end to that as both presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made it known they would not back the trade pact.

2016 Newsmakers: Hanjin Bankruptcy Sinks a Lot of Importer’s Revenue Goals

Los Angeles clothing importers were hit hard this year when Hanjin Shipping Co. filed for bankruptcy in South Korea on Aug. 31. The bankruptcy left several Hanjin vessels drifting at sea while the shipping line came up with funds to dock at global ports and terminals.

The People, Companies and Ideas that Made News in 2016

The People, Companies and Ideas that Made News in 2016

From high-profile bankruptcies in manufacturing, shipping and e-commerce to million-dollar development projects across the Southland, 2016 was a year of stark contrasts for the apparel industry.

How Would the End of NAFTA Affect the LA Apparel Industry?

Ever since the presidential elections ended, people such as Daniel Barcenas have been fielding calls from Mexican apparel companies asking what is going to happen to free trade under a Trump administration.

Ship at Port of Long Beach Picking Up Empty Hanjin Cargo Containers

With some 6,000 Hanjin-leased cargo containers sitting empty in the wake of the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy, the result is that some 6,000 chassis attached to the containers are not circulating throughout the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and stalling pickup times and deliveries.

Steady Increase in Merchandise Arriving at U.S. Ports for the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, shipping import volumes at the nation’s leading ports are ramping up rapidly.

Industry Voices: Five Things to Look for in a Global Freight Tracking System

The days of calling your ocean freight forwarder every time you need information about your cargo should be long gone. A good global freight-tracking system can save you hours on the phone and help boost your business’s productivity.

Longshore Workers and Employers Meet for Early Talks on Contract Extension

After a disastrous holiday season two years ago when many ships couldn’t unload their cargo on time at West Coast ports, longshore workers and their employers are trying to head off any similar disaster.

LA Blue Jeans Manufacturers Moving to Mexico to Take Advantage of Free Trade

With high-priced blue jeans made in Los Angeles taking a beating in the market, manufacturers facing rising wages in California are amping up their production of premium jeans in Mexico.

Hanjin Bankruptcy Fiasco Still Hurting Apparel Importers

Sitting on the water somewhere between here and Asia are 17 containers of private-label menswear valued at around $1.5 million that Pacific Textiles & Sourcing in Los Angeles is importing from Pakistan.

Container Imports Inch Up for the Holiday Season

Imports coming through the nation's ports up slightly over last year.

Port of Long Beach Names New Interim Director

The Port of Long Beach is looking for a new chief executive after Jon Slangerup resigned on Sept. 8 to become chairman and chief executive of an aviation technology company in Canada.

Ships from China and Vietnam Add Route to Port of Oakland

Starting in November, three Asian shipping lines will be establishing routes from Asia to the Port of Oakland.