Benjamin Seigel Joins Greenberg & Bass

Longtime apparel-industry attorney Benjamin S. Seigel has joined Greenberg & Bass LLP as senior counsel to the firm, based in Los Angeles’ Encino area.

Industry Voices: Sellers Beware: The Ever-Shrinking Copyright Coverage in Your Insurance Policy

Many players in the apparel industry face tremendous exposure from copyright-infringement lawsuits. Every day, copyright holders (plaintiffs) file dozens of lawsuits against apparel manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, alleging that the goods they manufacture, distribute, advertise and sell infringe on a plaintiff’s copyrighted design.

Contempo Inc USA Controller Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud

Peter Suk Lee started working for Los Angeles accessories maker Contempo Inc. USA in August 2014 as the controller at the company. But one year later, the owners were alleging that the 49-year-old had embezzled nearly $1.4 million from the company, according to court documents.

Robert Ezra Joins Freeman Freeman Smiley to Head New Fashion Law Practice

Over the course of its 40-year practice, Freeman Freeman Smiley LLP has represented apparel-industry clients, but until now the Los Angeles law firm didn’t have a dedicated fashion law group.

Garment Factory Manager Found Guilty of Offering Bribe to Labor Inspector

The general manager of a Southern California clothing factory was found guilty on April 26 by a federal jury for offering to pay a bribe to a labor inspector to close down an investigation into back wages owed to factory workers, said the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Loyola Event Tackles the Legal Risks of Social Media, Technology and Advertising

The legal ramifications of the continuous evolution of technology and social media and how they affect the fashion industry were discussed at two panel discussions at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles on April 15.

Lord & Taylor Cited for Not Disclosing Payments to Fashion Bloggers

In the last decade, the fine line between paid advertising and commentary has grown more complicated as social-media sites and fashion blogs become the norm for getting out the word about a new product.

Hong Kong to Share in $20.5M Retrieved from Clothing Smuggled Through L.A. Ports

An elaborate scheme that involved bringing in Chinese-made apparel from Hong Kong through Los Angeles ports, allegedly destined for Mexico but ending up in the United States, will result in Hong Kong sharing some of the $20.5 million worth of forfeited assets collected during the investigation.

Man Who Embezzled From Citizens of Humanity Pleads Guilty

The man who oversaw a scheme to embezzle $8 million from a commercial laundry house owned by Citizens of Humanity pleaded guilty to federal charges, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Label Conscious: Designed in California

CFA’s trademarked hangtags put the emphasis on country of design.

Blue Jeans Imports by LA Company Challenge Labeling Requirements

In 2010, JBlu Inc., a longtime Los Angeles clothing company, imported some 500,000 pairs of blue jeans from China in 11 shipments through the Port of Long Beach—all headed for retail stores around the country.

Can Discount Prices Get Retailers Into Trouble?

California shoppers are filing a flurry of class-action lawsuits against big-name department stores over markdowns allegedly made on “false” original prices.

Citizens of Humanity Allegedly a Victim of Embezzlement

Four men have been arrested on charges they embezzled $8 million from a commercial laundry house owned by Citizens of Humanity, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

What Every Apparel Company Should Know if It Is Paying Its Employees Commissions or Piece-Rate Pay

Apparel companies, beware, as there are a number of common errors employers make when paying employees commissions or piece rates. Unfortunately, recent decisions in California have complicated this area, and misapplication of the law can be costly. Being apprised of the common pitfalls can help minimize risk to your business.

Who Owns the Fashion Week Name

The new organizers of Los Angeles Fashion Week events are creating a bit of confusion among the fashion crowd. Because Arthur Chipman has trademarked the name LA Fashion Week, fashion show organizers are wondering if they can no longer use LA Fashion Week in their title and whether that extends to the term Los Angeles Fashion Week.